Thursday, November 17, 2016

Egg Noodles Recipe

It's that time of year again where we start planning our holiday menus. At ours noodles is one of the must have on our table for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. What I really like about these, you freeze them to store. That means you can make ahead and a quantity to use all year around .

5 egg yolks
2 eggs
2-3 C. flour

In a bowl separate your 5 egg yolks and add your 2 eggs. Mix with a fork till fully mixed and beated.

In a mixing bowl put your 2C. flour

Make a little valley in your flour and put your eggs. You then mix and knead till completely mixed. If something happens and it becomes too dry add very small amount of water. If too sticky add little more flour, just remember when rolling it will be added with flour.

I then take any old sheet, spread on table. Spread flour on it to prevent sticking, separate dough into two balls and rotate them on the sheet to cover with flour.

Then roll the two balls out flat and as then as you can. Let them dry half way, you want them so they won't break when you cut them . Time will vary depending on temperature.

I use a pizza cutter and cut each one in half. Then keep cutting half till about 4-5" wife, unless you prefer your noodles longer. Then stack each one on top of each other.

Then without force cut in strips .I  like thin noodles, so again this is your preference. Do the other rolled dough the same , separate noodles, and let them completely dry. Put in freezer bag and freeze till ready to cook.

To cook boil 6-8 C. broth. I make my own broth by cooking off turkey necks in water, deboning bones, and removing the bone. You can buy store bought though .

When broth is boiling add all noodles at once stirring at same time. Reduce heat to medium and cook 8-9 minutes once it returns to a boil. Season to your preference.

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