Wednesday, February 5, 2014

How it began

My husband and I have moved many times in our seven years of marriage. The dream of owning our own home is something we always wanted, coming close a few times for it to fall through the cracks. I am also one who loves older homes, loves DIY projects, and always had dreams of redoing out own home from nothing. Living on disability and husband out of work the odds of that happening was slim to none.

Our present landlord is a blessing in herself. And if you ever need a rental property in Decatur IL hit up Pam Swinford with Swinford Investments LLC. She will treat you good if you treat her good. She is one of those landlords you can only dream of having.  They take foreclosed homes and make them into something.  I had shared with them how I would love something bigger, as to own my own home.

Then she told me about a home she had. She didn't really have the time to put into this one and was willing to sell it cheap. How cheap? Lets try $1500 that is how cheap. It is a four bedroom, garage, fenced in back yard. The catch? As many foreclosed homes it needs work.  The last rentals in this home was filthy, then some individuals started to move in turning cats loose in the home to just crap all over. Well we looked at the home and seen what the city said needed fixed. The plus in this the furnace is new and updated, and the repairs are all pretty small just lots of them. With a lot of work this home could turn into a blessing in disguise for our family.

More good news? Pam agreed to let us remain living in this home while we get that home to meet the cities requirements for us to move in.  Again another blessing in disguise.

Now you ask how are we going to do all of this on just my disability? Well, we have already started looking on craiglist, on resale sites in this area, freecycle any place and every place that we can get deals. Also, I am doing all kinds of sites online to get gift cards, and extra income to go into the home. Yes we are going to be asking for help, and doing lots of praying along the way. But all and all God has already blessed us not only with this home but a wonderful landlord.

I found this and it fit me so perfect, and with the help of some friends that is where the name for our blog started.

Now ready to see our Blessing in Disguise? Hubby took these pictures today so I will take better ones when I go over. He isn't the photographer type and there are other things I wish he would of got so I can show you. For one is the wood floors I really want to redo. 

This is the kitchen which you walk into from the back door. The door to the left back of this picture leads into a room that is a small bedroom. It has two entries into it so this door will be closed off so we can add more cabinets for the kitchen. That room will also become a second bathroom and utility room since our bathroom is on the top floor.

These next two pictures is the dining room, and leading upstairs. In the first picture you will see the entry to the right of the room I told you about that is intended to be a bedroom that we will be making into a bathroom and utility room. Yes an adult did that "art work" on the wall.   Rest assured its going and going quick. In the second picture the door is just one door that leads to the foyer.

 Here is the foyer that leads to a closed in front porch. 
You go through the dining room and you get to the living room. The doorway also leads to the foyer.

This is the room that is going to be the bathroom and utility room. It is right off the dining room before you head up stairs.
All of this carpet on the stairs has to be pulled. As I said the cats left us a nice mess. 
The first room we come to upstairs is what will be James' room. It also connects with a doorway to the next room which will be his playroom. 
 Here is his playroom. No the roof isn't leaking.
Here is the bathroom.

 And then we come to our room.  None of that carpet is hooked down which made me very happy.

So welcome to our home. As I said lots of work needs done but it truly is a blessing in disguise.


  1. I am so happy for you guys!! With a little all are going to have a super nice home to call your own!!! :)

  2. This is a nice place. I think that it is great!!! I agree with a little work and a little at a time.. It will be your heaven! :) AND YOUR BLESSING IN DISGUISE