Sunday, March 2, 2014

Must have to make money online

I have had individuals come to me and ask how I go about making money online. While there are several ways to make money online I think it is important to start with what is needed to make earning a success. While some of these are not needed right up front for all programs, there will come a time it is very important to make even more of that money.

Yes, making money online is legit, and yes there is scams out there. However, anything I will be posting will be confirmed by me as being legit. Meaning it will be proven that I was paid by anyplace I post. I am posting this on my blog because money is needed and is a blessing for any of us who are struggling to make ends meet. For me this extra cash will help not only make ends meet but also getting my home turned into my dream home.

So what is needed?

1. Paypal - Paypal is very important if you want paid by cash and not by gift cards. I usually choose paypal route when possible because I need the cash and it tends to get to me faster.  It is very important that you follow step by step when you sign up. You must be sure to verify your account with paypal. If you do not it can cause issues when it comes time for a company to pay you.

2. Social networking sites - These sites are important when it comes time to share links, articles, reviews that you need to share. Why do you need to share? Sharing gets you clicks, clicks gets you more money. Sharing gets the companies noticed, them getting noticed gets you money.

Here is a list of social networks I highly recommend. For me these are listed in order of my preference. There are many others out there but these are what I find is used a lot. I would for sure get the first three right off.

Another key point on social networks that is important. Don't just jump in it and sign up to share links. You will soon get the image of being a spammer. Build each network to be about you both around what you do to make money, and you as you. No one wants to be friends on a social network with someone that clogs their feeds with nothing but links that really has no meaning to them.  When you share attempt to write a little why you find this link important and may be of interest. Share a little about you, post things that has nothing to do with your online earnings but about you and your life. Get friends and as many as you can. No don't just start clicking away to bring in friends, it won't work. But friends who shares your interests.  On facebook you can also make a page just for your online purpose. The key is you must work at it, it is nothing you can do over night. Stay tuned and you will see more on how I make money online, the legit way.


  1. Those are really great tips. I have to use LinkedIn and Tumblr more often.

    Michelle F.

  2. Really helpful resource. I am trying to widen the sources that can make me earn money online.

  3. These are great tips! I definitely think social networking is key!

  4. Thank you for sharing this one. I could surely use some money-making online.

  5. I love PayPal. I like that you listed it as a first step to getting paid. :)

    1. I really think it is one of the best ways to be paid. I also think it is the key to many sites. Thank You