Thursday, November 17, 2016

OTHWAY Bathtub Mat

Topsky Slip Resistant Rubber OTHWAY Bathtub Mat.

I was chosen to review this mat in cream white, you have a choice between cream white or beige. To me the cream white is just a tad off of white, which is my preference for a bathmat.

Immediately I was very pleased with the packaging. It was protected in a plastic package rolled. I will admit I was hoping since it was rolled that it would lay flat after opening. I found after removing the package, that it did indeed lay flat without wanting to roll back.

The top of the mat has a design that is comfortable to the feel. The design forms a traction prevents slipping when you step into the wet tub. This would be highly recommended for especially elderly and children to prevent them from falling and getting hurt.

When you turn it over you notice the suction cups at equal size and spacing of   about an inch. There are plenty of cups to help hold the mat down. The cups size makes a suction to hold the mat into place.

When I laid out the mat it measured to be exactly as described 27.6" X 13.8". This size will fit into any size bathtub.

I recommend after every use to hang up to dry. While the mat is made to not cause mold or bacteria some cleaning is a must. I just take my normal spray bathtub cleaner, spray, wipe both sides and hang. I then hang over a towel rack for the next use.

Disclaimer: This product was provided free or at a discounted price in exchange for my honest feedback."

Even though some of the products I review have been highly discounted I always provide an honest and accurate opinion.

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