Saturday, February 22, 2014

Tossing around kitchen idea

While we was at Menards looking around today we was looking at flooring for our kitchen and bathroom. To first explain what we are thinking of doing.  We are going for the rustic, barn look.

I found on Circa Dee this back splash idea. I am thinking of doing this on all the kitchen wall.  

I also found this painting idea here .  Except I am thinking of painting it using barn red instead of the green. I have found the technique and how to do it in several locations.

The floor I am tossing several ideas, what ever it is it will be something natural looking to go with the theme.

We found this vinyl and while it isn't set in stone it is a couple ideas we both like. The colors didn't turn out exactly how they really look.

This one is actually more of a darker brown color.

This one is more of a brown, with grey and brick cast in it. 

I wish I could of found these online but I wasn't able to. They both are around .89 for square feet. Which means while it don't sound like much it adds up. If we find a solution that we both like, that will hold up we may decide on it. 

One other idea that just may be a possibility is the paper bag floor which is found on Momdepot. There are many different techniques and tips on this just do your research. From what I seen it costs around $1.30 a square foot. However, if I could find the supplies on sale, or on some other location cheaper I just may be able to cut the cost.

Which one do you all think? Any other suggestions for flooring? 

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